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As the season begins, we know that we all have some crucial new requirements to satisfy and some new procedures to adopt.

It is not the role of any League to instruct any Club on how they should comply with the fine detail of the FA Covid 19 Guidelines. However, all Leagues stands ready to offer assistance to any Club who would like a second opinion or who would like to compare notes. 

It's clear that the measures set out in the FA Guidelines are not to be treated lightly, especially given the pain already caused by the virus and it's potential to return, (a second spike), causing us all another very serious problem.

I'm sure you will have read and analysed the lengthy FA documents which are available on the Kent County FA website and on this website. 

One thing's for sure: it's in all our best interests that everybody follows the FA Guidance at every step. We've seen the 'local lock-downs' which currently apply in the North and in other parts of the UK and, we know we can all play our part in avoiding anything similar in our region.

The ExBlues Football Club would like to make these points.

1) We have appointed  Andy Hammond. Club Covid 19 Officer’. His contact details is on the ExBlues website, 

, and on OKS Club Officer page. Andy is the person who the NHS Test, Track and Trace Service will want to speak to if the need arises.

2) Test, Track & Trace Records. The Club have process & procedures to make sure that you are able to collect name and contact information on your participants at both training and matches. This information is under COVID 19.  The completed forms are with the COVID Officer and s readily available if we are asked to supply it to the Test & Trace.  Blank forms are in the COVID dropdown box for Managers, Coaches,Parent helpers to download and use..

3) Covid 19 Risk Assessment. The FA Guidelines on how to complete a RA is also included.

4) On Match Days. Each team is responsible for compiling a full list of their teams attendee's this should include all their Parents and Spectators. Our completed list should be passed onto the Covid-19 Officer of the opposition when an outbreak is declared.  ExBlues Football Clubs Covid -19 Officers details should be advised to the opposition and is available on OKS and this website. Each team will have a responsible parent to complete the Track and Trace form.Teams must either sanitise or wash their hands at half time and at the end of the game. Last but not least at the end of the game please do not congregate, please adhere to the FA social distancing and leave the area and leave the venue as quickly as possible.

In addition because of COVID, each team and parents and spectators will be asked to stand on opposite sides. i.e. on the same side of their Team. Parents and Spectators are to stand at least 6-8 metres from their teams and in bubbles of 6 and 2 meters from the touch line.

Anybody found to be abusing this will be asked to move away from the game and will be reported to the league and the County FA.

5) Club Venues. At our Home games, ExBlues Teams and opposition will follow our Risk Assessment but take due consideration of any of ours and of our venues guideline regarding any special car parking arrangements that they have in place to address Covid-19 requirements. These Special Requirement will, can and should be sent to your opposition COVID 19 Officer the first time you play that team. At most venues the playing fields and toilets will be available. No Changing Rooms. Generally there is a one way system in and out and that should be expected. 

6) To re-inforce the point, The Football Association are expecting Clubs to adopt and manage the Covid-19 guidance, they have instructed referees that they are not responsible for ensuring that the guidance is being followed. The FA does however ask the referees to report any issues at the ground to the County FA and Leagues. 

Should Clubs or teams be found not to be following the FA Guidance the League will impose sanctions that may include the withdrawal of fixtures.

Val Busby

ExBlues FC

Football Club Secretary







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